'Living high on the hog of party!' Carole Malone savages Carrie Johnson's political role


Lord Ashcroft took aim at Carrie Johnson for her alleged tendency to call the shots at No10 Downing Street despite the fact that politically she has no longer any ties to the British Government other than her marriage to Boris Johnson. Carole Malone claimed that the Prime Minister’s wife was a high-maintenance person at the time when she was employed by the Conservative Party.

Speaking to GB News, Ms Malone insisted that Mrs Johnson’s alleged conduct while politically under contract a decade ago is irrelevant, as she is more concerned about the power the “unelected” Carrie is said to be holding now,

She said: “I am presuming if what Ashcroft says in the book is wrong she would be suing him for saying this because they are quite serious allegations.

“She was living high on the hog of Tory expenses.

“And if that is the case she presumably will sue, I am guessing not.

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“And I would think these things are quite easily proved anyway, the circumstances under which she left.

“However, I don’t even care what she did back then, I think what I care about is what she is doing now.

“And I think I care about the influence an unelected person appears to be having on this Government.”

Express.co.uk has contacted the Conservative Campaign Headquarters for comment.

Ms Malone added: “We know for a fact that it’s indisputable that she brought in some of her friends.

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Lord Ashcroft’s book claims that Mrs Johnson would “try to direct and control events” by taking her husband’s phone.

And Mr Johnson allegedly told his aides that they should not do “anything” that would make her “torture” him when he got home.

The Prime Minister was quoted as telling them: “You’ve just got to help me. My life at home’s miserable. You’ve got to find a way to make this bearable for me.”

Mrs Johnson hit back at Lord Ashcroft’s book, branding it “spiteful and damaging”.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s wife said: “These regurgitated lies regarding Mrs Johnson’s employment record are spiteful and damaging. Carrie left her role to pursue her passion in ocean conservation and later in animal welfare.”

They added: “Yet again Mrs Johnson has been targeted by a brutal briefing campaign against her by enemies of her husband.

“This is just the latest attempt by bitter ex-officials to discredit her.

“She is a private individual who plays no role in Government.”


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