Liz Truss leads Tory fightback against Labour as Britons warm to her energy policy – poll


Liz Truss is leading a fightback for the Conservative Party in the polls after a fortnight where she has joined the Royal Family in leading the nation in mourning for the Queen. According to the weekly Techne UK/ tracker poll, the Conservatives have taken two points off Labour’s lead in the last week.

While the Tory vote is up one to 35 percent, Labour’s vote is down one to 41 percent.

This follows Ms Truss coming to power after a bruising leadership contest with former Chancellor Rishi Sunak in which the two camps sent the summer trading blows and rubbishing each other’s policies and achievements.

The aftermath of that contest saw polling which revealed more people were pessimistic about Ms Truss than optimistic and the Tories only gained two points on Labour leaving them eight points behind.

However, quiet optimism in the Tory ranks has come as the party gained another two points this week.

Ms Truss has been prominent in the commemorations for Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and appears to have built an early bond with King Charles III.

As well as helping lead the mourning and accession arrangements in London, she has also been present with the King at events in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Scottish MPs in particular believe that the new Prime Minister’s tour of Britain with His Majesty has been a major boost for the Union.

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The Tories may also be benefiting from Ms Truss’s £150 billion energy policy to hold household bills down to £2,500.

The crisis had threatened to overwhelm the UK with bills doubling and tripling for some people but the announcement made just hours before the Queen’s death was announced appears to have given the Prime Minister some credit.

But the poll also shows dissatisfaction among voters with more than one in five (21 percent) saying they would not vote in an election.

Techne UK chief executive Michela Morizzo said: “Our tracker poll this week continues to show the Conservatives making steady progress in reducing the Labour lead – now down to just six points.

“Even though politics is almost completely suspended whilst the country mourns the loss of the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth it is noticeable that without fanfare the new Truss Government is clearly making some positive inroads into what previously was thought to be perhaps an unassailable Labour lead.

“It is also very striking that those saying they would not vote at all has reached 1 in 5 electors.”


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