Liz Truss summons Russian ambassador for showdown after Ukraine evacuation order


Reports suggest the Foreign Secretary will not expel Andrei Kelin at today’s meeting. A “conversation” is currently underway, according to Mirror Political Editor Pippa Crerar.

This follows Vladimir Putin’s recognition of the breakaway Lugansk and Donetsk regions as independent, and the reported sending in of tanks.

Number 10 sources suggest this “could well be a precursor to a full scale Russian invasion”.

While a new package of sanctions against Moscow is being planned by the Government, Ms Truss has called on all British national in Ukraine to leave the country.

In a post on Twitter, she said: “The safety and security of British nationals in Ukraine is our top priority.

“All Brits should leave now via commercial routes while they are still available.

“We are bolstering our teams in the region to support British people as they leave and once they have crossed the border.”

After footage was revealed showing Russian tanks on the outskirts of the breakaway Donetsk region, Boris Johnson announced a new set of sanctions would be quickly introduced.

He said: “[Putin has] completely torn up international law.

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His spokesman said: “Europe has to ween itself off Russian hydro-carbon.

“It’s a point we’ve made consistently with regards to Nord Stream 2.”

It has been feared that the west’s dependence on Moscow for energy would weaken its response to any aggression from the Kremlin.


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