Lord Hannan says Queen's Covid news proves 'no case' for restrictions


On Sunday, Buckingham Palace revealed the monarch, 95, had the virus and is experiencing “mild cold-like symptoms”. According to the palace, the Queen still expects to carry out “light duties” this week.

The positive test comes amid news that people in England will no longer have to self-isolate after testing positive for coronavirus by the end of next week.

Following the news of Her Majesty’s positive test Sky News broadcaster Kay Burley shared well wishes for the monarch’s speedy recovery.

However, she also asked her Twitter followers: “Might this impact on any decision by the Government to further lift #COVID19 restrictions?”

In response to the query, Lord Daniel Hannan – a British writer, journalist and former politician serving as an adviser to the Board of Trade – noted that he “hopes” the Government push on with their planned approach.

Mr Hannan claimed “there is no case whatever for restrictions” and listed two points as his reasoning for this.Within his reasoning, the former MEP praised Her Majesty for continuing to work while having the virus, referring to her as “dutiful as ever”.

He wrote: “I hope so.“1. It shows that omicron will reach even the most protected people.“2. Her Majesty, at 95, is suffering only mild cold symptoms and is carrying on working, dutiful as ever.

“Those two facts, put together, surely tell is that there is no case whatever for restrictions.”

A user called Charlotte appeared to agree with Lord Hannan’s opinion writing: “Boris will use her recovery as a reason to push ahead with changes.”

Another called Alan Wardrop also added his thoughts, writing: “I doubt it. If she recovers they will use it as a vindication of their approach. If not, all bets off.”

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A third called Neil Robinson added: “If the Queen’s experience proves that the vaccine protects the frail and elderly then it will probably add strength to the decision to lift restrictions rather than the opposite.”

One more called Alan added: “No. Why would it? The fact she has mild symptoms at 95 is actually a fantastic advertisement for getting the vax and lifting all restrictions.”

The Queen’s positive test comes after she had been in direct contact with her son Prince Charles the week he had the virus.

The palace said in a statement: “Buckingham Palace confirm that The Queen has today tested positive for Covid.

“Her Majesty is experiencing mild cold-like symptoms but expects to continue light duties at Windsor over the coming week.

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“She will continue to receive medical attention and will follow all the appropriate guidelines.”

The monarch reportedly spent time with the Prince of Wales on February 8 when he hosted an investiture at Windsor Castle.

A few days later he tested positive – the second time the future king has caught Covid – but made a quick recovery.

Clarence House also confirmed on Monday last week that Camilla had also tested positive for the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce the decision to scrap self-isolation measures on Monday, which also applies to those who have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.

It comes as part of a wider “living with COVID” plan that looks to scrap all remaining coronavirus restrictions in England.

When he unveils his plan, Mr Johnson is expected to tell MPs that the vaccine programme, testing and new treatments will be enough to keep the public safe.

Ahead of the announcement, Mr Johnson said: “COVID will not suddenly disappear, and we need to learn to live with this virus and continue to protect ourselves without restricting our freedoms.

“We’ve built up strong protections against this virus over the past two years through the vaccine rollouts, tests, new treatments, and the best scientific understanding of what this virus can do.”

He also nodded towards the Government’s “successful vaccination programme and the sheer magnitude of people who have come forward to be jabbed”, claiming it now puts the country “in a position to set out our plan for living with COVID.”


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