Lord Heseltine savaged for using question about Boris Johnson's polling to bash Brexit


Lord Heseltine criticised Government promises, claiming the British public “were told a pack of lies” about the benefits of Brexit when the Government could not follow through with all of the promises made. The Conservative peer discussed the reasons behind former Brexit Minister Lord Frost’s resignation in December, arguing his fellow peer resigned because “we’re not doing the agenda that was promised.” Lord Heseltine sparked a furious reaction from LBC viewers when he turned his discussion on Boris Johnson’s polling data into his latest attempt to bash Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Lord Heseltine told LBC: “Lord Frost’s resignation blows the Brexit story, basically we’ve had five years to prepare.

“And the first appointment, quite rightly put David Davis and Liam Fox, ardent Brexiteers, to senior positions of Government.

“And here we are five years later, we’ve had the Brexit referendum, we’ve had the General Election.

“And actually you get Lord Frost resigning saying that we’re not doing the agenda that was promised.

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Lord Heseltine added: “He’s quite right but why is he right, why are we not doing it? Because the agenda is not deliverable.

“And that’s why the public opinion polls are showing quite clearly that the public realise, now that they were conned.

“They were told a pack of lies about the advantages of Brexit and the Government is not going to be able to deliver what they promised,

LBC host Andrew Pierce said: “Be that as it may Lord Heseltine, where do they go now? Where does the Cabinet go now if it wants to win back those voters who they’ve lost?

“I mean all governments as you know hit mid-term problems, this Government has been in power two years, you could argue it’s been in power for 11-years.”

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@DHLLlanga said: “So he was happy to be stuffed by the Germans and the French for forty years prior to January last year.

“The old boy’s memory is fading fast. Thank heavens we are out. It’s just going to take another ten years to be finally shot of them.”

User @RobChap80850677 said: “How on earth does “lord” Heseltine know what the British public are thinking?”

@BruceChico1 said: “Many of us weren’t conned we predicted this and tried to stop it.”

And Twitter user @JeremyR41776098 said: “MH is spot on here and TB Pierce knows this. The Tories used Brexit to get into no.10 at the GE, their own MP’s knew it was a bad idea but ploughed on anyway with little care or thought for the UK or its citizens, only to make themselves and their donors richer. Shame on them all.”

A BBC spokesman said: ‘We want our output to be representative of the UK and we want contributors on our comedy shows to be wonderfully engaging and funny. These two ambitions are not mutually exclusive and it would be highly condescending to suggest otherwise.’


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