Lukashenko warns £21m supersonic 817mph attack planes are ready in chilling nuclear threat


The author told “Russia does not have weapons to win the war through conventional methods.

“So what he will do and trust me, that’s what he will do – although this is so terrible that people probably would refuse to believe it and refuse to see this way – he will move nuclear weapons to Belarus if he is allowed to do this.

“And I’m sure that there are ways to prevent him from doing this.

“But if he is allowed to move nuclear weapons to Belarus, they will fire from Belarus and then retaliation will be against Belarus.

“And it’s, by the way, very questionable to me if you could retaliate against Belarus with nuclear weapons, because it’s a small state deep into Europe, and radiation probably will spread beyond the borders of Belarus.

“So you probably would not retaliate against Belarus with nuclear weapons.

“And then Putin will call all the European leaders and tell them, look, so you see what we are capable of doing.

“Do you want to continue this? Do you want us to fire next level of nuclear weapons?”

He continued: “Belarus is already taken by Russia.

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