Macron election nightmare as poll shows more than two-thirds against late retirement plan


The President has proposed pushing the legal age at which a French citizen can receive a full pension up from 62 to 65. Just days away from the first round of the presidential election, a poll suggests the overwhelming majority of people are opposed – if not “very opposed” – to the idea.

Les Echos newspaper ran a poll by Elabe asking voters their opinion of the new plan.

An incredible 70 percent of respondents said they were opposed to raising the retirement age.

Half of the 1,531 who voted said they were “very opposed”.

Mr Macron’s leading opponent has alternatively pledged to cut the retirement age.

Marine Le Pen of National Rally said she would lower the legal age to draw a full pension to 60.

This comes at a time when Mr Macron is already facing warnings – including from his own advisors – about the possibility of Ms Le Pen winning the election.

French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told France 5 the National Rally leader is winning over the working-class voters Mr Macron appears to be failing to appeal to.

The Elabe polling furthers this view, with 63 percent of voters highlighting they would rather see taxes being raised for richer households in order to support the pension system as it currently stands.

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“It’s essential that we mobilise.”

Mr Darmanin added: “[Le Pen] is dangerous for the President and she can win this election.”

The first round of the election will be held on April 10.

Mr Macron faces further pressure given it is reported the boost to his popularity following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and his response to it, appears already to be waning.

He does, however, remain the candidate most likely to win – though much can change in the space of a week.

Bruno Cautrès of Sciences Po noted “the most probable outcome is the re-election of Macron, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely certain or that he can go to the election with his hands in his pockets. It’s very competitive all the same”.


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