Macron is running the show! EU forced to rely on French President as 'de-facto' leader


After former German Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped down from her role, Emmanuel Macron has been left out in front as the apparent voice of Europe. The French President has been seen throughout the continent to be central in European Union efforts to calm surging fears over a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine. Earlier this month, he met Russian President Emmanuel Macron, who reportedly insisted to him Russia had no plans for a conflict with its eastern neighbour.

He has also given hope of a diplomatic solution to the crisis, saying Mr Putin and his US counterpart Joe Biden had agreed in principle to meet after being made a “facilitator”.

France has also held the revolving presidency of the European Council since January 1, putting the country at the forefront in the continent.

Now Mr Macron has been praised by the managing director for Europe of geopolitical risk firm Eurasia, who previously worked at the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs.

Mujtaba Rahman highlighted how new German leader Olaf Scholz is still finding his feet, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi “has six months to focus on domestic reform”.

He also put grimacing face emoji alongside the name of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, as well as crying and claughter emojis alongside the name of European Council President Charles Michel.

Mr Rahman wrote: “If it wasn’t clear to everyone it should be now.

“Macron is Europe’s de facto leader (& will be for some time as he’ll win re-election in April).

“Scholz is new to the job; Draghi has 6 months to focus on domestic reform.”

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“No one else around the European Council table has a coherent vision – both for Europe & it’s place in the world – like Macron does (as I’ve said previously and on many occasions).”

On Monday, a French presidency official said Mr Biden had asked Mr Macron to make an offer of a summit between the US President and Mr Putin to the Russian leader.

The adviser said: “We’re slowly changing the course of things. We’re creating a diplomatic perspective the Kremlin accepts.

Commenting on Mr Macron’s role, the official added: “He is a facilitator.”


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