‘Makes cleaning no problem’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘brilliant’ trick for cleaning oven tray


Cleaning and tidying mogul Mrs Hinch is a household name. Her army of fans, known as Hinchers, take to Facebook to share their best tips for household chores.

Anna Woodward asked the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page on Facebook for some help with her oven trays.

She stated: “My kitchen is only seven months old but my oven trays are wrecked already.

“Any tips on how to get these clean please?”

Mrs Hinch fans flooded to the comments with nifty tips and tricks for removing stubborn debris from oven trays.

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Ann Barton suggested: “When you get them clean or buy new ones, put either tin foil or better, baking parchment, under whatever you cook.

“The tray hardly needs washing and sometimes doesn’t with foil. It prolongs the life of trays.”

Tracey Flatt added: “Squirt washing up liquid over the trays and leave for a few minutes. Then pour boiling water onto the trays, leave for at least an hour, and scrub.

She also recommended putting a new sheet of foil in each time.


Thelma Gravestock commented: “I never cook directly on the tray, I always cover with baking paper – makes cleaning no problem.”

For the future, Valerie Whitehouse advised: “Stainless steel trays are the best, so easy to clean.”

One Mrs Hinch fan, Erin Brennan, issued a warning: “Be careful with dishwasher tablets as they can take the non-stick coating off.”

Carole McBride said: “I use a paint scraper first, then a razor blade.”

Finally, Kerry shared: “I am currently having a date with a oven which needed a lot of TLC about 6 months ago. I think I’ve used so much elbow grease I’ve no more nose hair left – but they are looking good now (the oven will never be used again after this epic clean).”


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