Makeup Must Haves and Trends for 2022


Makeup is a staple for many people. It is a form of expression, an enhancement of our natural features and can also completely change the way we look if we want to mix things up a bit. 

As with many things, trends come and go, and new ones come again for the ever-changing seasons, which means 2022 has some up and coming.

This piece will discuss some of the must have makeup items for 2022 and what trends you can keep your eyes peeled for! 

Serum Infused Foundation 

Skincare has always been around, but up until the last couple of years, only celebrity beauty gurus knew the secrets of dewy skin. Now, skincare is just a regular part of many civilians’ lives thanks to brands such as The Ordinary and others making ‘complicated skincare’ far more straightforward and affordable too. However, after 2 years of lockdown and pairing back our skincare and makeup routines, we want more- A hybrid of makeup and skincare. And thankfully, brands are delivering. 

You can now get your hands on serum-infused foundations, which can help keep your skin hydrated while giving you significant coverage in one step. This works particularly well now the ‘barely there’ makeup look is back in this year, especially when it comes to foundation. 

Blurred Lip Look

Another trend that is expected to do the rounds this year is the blurred lip. It was slowly but surely making an appearance through the end of winter in 2021 and is now set to become a spring essential. The staple you will need for this is a long-wearing lipstick of your favorite color, and a small fluffy blending brush used to blend eyeshadow. Instead, you will apply a small amount of lipstick to the inner parts of your lips and then blend out to create a blurred ‘just bitten’ look. This is more about the technique than it is about the product, though it will work best with matt lipsticks over sheer or glossy formulas. Grab yourself a Mellow Cosmetics Coupon Code and choose from some of their creamy matt lipsticks to create this look!

Graphic Eyeliner

No longer is a simple winged liner the look of the century. Of course, this will never go out of style, so if this chic look is the one you want to stick with, then you should feel free to stick to this favorite. For those who want to branch out and take on a new spring trend, the graphic eyeliner is all the rage. Think double or even triple cat eyeliner underneath and in the corners of your eyes, and geometric shapes. Do not forget that these can be in any color as well to make the most impact. 

Pastels are making an appearance this year, so grab yourself a pastel eyeliner to hit all 3 trend criteria. 

Remember, no matter what the trends are, use products and styles that you love, or make your own version of them!


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