Manchester's loneliest dogs! Heartbreak as pooches spend over a YEAR in shelter combined


Young lurcher Gino will have spent a year at Manchester Dogs’ Home come May. Just behind him is Diesel, who took up residence at the shelter in August last year. Together, they have spent 15 months waiting to be chosen at the rescue.

Gino, still a precocious puppy, wound up at the centre through “no fault of his own”, and the Dogs’ Home staff believe he could make the perfect addition to the right household.

He is an energetic young dog, known for his character and being a typical lurcher.

A delightfully friendly puppy, he “often finds it hard to contain his enthusiasm and may forget his manners when meeting you for the first time”, staff commented.

He will soon calm down and reacts well to being offered treats, they said.

He is a great candidate for training because of these traits.

Dogs’ Home employees added he gets on well with most other dogs, but may occasionally bark at ones he feels less affinity with.

Staff advised: “He would suit an active home who can bring the fun side out of him and make a fuss of him, whilst also teaching him appropriate behaviour.”

Gino requires guidance for discipline and manners, and would be ideally suited to owners who have nurtured lurcher puppies before.

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A husky crossbreed, Dogs’ Home staff believe he could be a rewarding pet with affection to give in spades.

He was brought to the shelter from the streets in August, and is yet to be welcomed into a new home.

After his experiences, he is somewhat apprehensive of the unknown and unfamiliar, and staff have been working to integrate him back into the world.

Staff said: “He is quite nervous of the big wide world and we are socialising him as much as possible to show him life isn’t that scary after all.”

He will thrive in a household with knowledge of how to raise huskies, who would dedicate themselves to a bit of training for the poor canine.

Like Gino, he will fit better in a home without children, and one without cats.

An excitable pup, any young people in the household will need to be over 16 years old.


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