Meghan Markle ‘commands’ attention during public appearances – ‘Just being her'


Meghan Markle has made many public speeches in her lifetime; before she was a member of the Royal Family, while she was working as the Duchess of Sussex and since she and Prince Harry moved to the United States. Max Beaumont a communication skills coach and trainer on YouTube analysed Meghan’s speech at the Smart Works Launch back in 2019 and he was very impressed. 

Max began: “I’m going to dive right in and let you know my thoughts.” 

He then heard Meghan start her speech with: “Hi everyone, thank you so much for being here today. It’s very exciting and it looks beautiful, and I’m sorry everyone was waiting a bit in this sunshine – although it’s pretty nice to have such good weather. 

“So, I thought it would be helpful for you to understand how we got here today and why this collection is so important…”

Max said: “Without even going into what her speech is, she’s [Meghan] acknowledged a bunch of things which have nothing to do with her speech. 

“She apologised before she started – I think it’s a good way of connecting with your audience, she’s trying to get on their level, get on the human level with her audience.” 

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Meghan continued: “Purely by coincidence, it was just a year ago that I was working on a project at the same time at Grenfell with these women at a community centre and that’s when we put together the Together cookbook. So although this is a year later and obviously this is fashion, not food, at its core, these are very similar projects because these are about women who…” 

“She’s good,” the speech expert said. “She’s good. Maybe it’s her acting experience, it’s her, her skills, whatever it is, she’s good. 

“She’s a good speaker, you can tell right away, very natural, the way she’s speaking, it feels like she’s having a conversation with one of her friends or someone in her family. You can tell it’s a natural vibe. 

“Maybe it’s rehearsed? Maybe she went over it? But it’s coming across very real, just like it seems how she would speak on a day to day basis.” 

The Duchess added: “We have a lot of donations but not necessarily the things women needed to have. ‘Ok, let’s try and work with what we have and make the best of it.’ And then the next time I went – you’ll remember this – there was a rack of about…” 

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“Connecting personally and individually with someone in the audience, I love that,” Max remarked. “Meghan is commanding the crowd here, just being her.” 

The former senior royal was heard explaining: “You don’t go through your closet and just toss into a box what you don’t care about anymore…my first job interview, where I got my dream job and I don’t need that anymore because I’m where I want to be.” 

Max commented: “Take note, she’s looking around, she’s not just looking at one section in the audience, she’s making sure to engage different people in the audience. 

“I think she does a really good job of being engaging; she’s natural, she’s herself, she’s pointing out different people individually, all things that are good for speakers to do. 

“Her gesturing is very natural, her posture is really good – I’m certainly impressed,” he added. 

“There’s something called mirror neurons, it’s also called mood contagion, it’s a science that says when certain neurons are activated in our brain, we as humans mirror those neurons and that’s part of the reason we see someone smile at us, we’re a lot more inclined to smile back. 

“You want people smiling, you want people left feeling good. And as we know, mood is contagious, so if you get a bunch of happy people in your audience, the chances are it’s going to spread.” 

He watched Meghan smile authentically at her audience once more and remarked: “So cute.” 

Meghan added: “To be able to do this in my new home of the UK means quite a bit to me.” 

“‘New home’, ok,” Max said and then summarised: “This was great, she’s awesome, very real, very natural, seem like she cared about the subject matter she was talking about. 

“Overall did a really good job, she mixed a good level of light humour with sincerity and she’s super effective.”  

Underneath Max’s video there were several comments from members of the public who also spoke about Meghan’s engaging public speaking. 

Avery J* wrote: “Meghan is so gifted at public speaking, I am in awe of her. I love how she is able to capture and retain attention so naturally. It is like she is talking to a bunch of friends and we feel we know her personally.” 

Eileen Campbell added: “She has what it takes. Education  understanding and connection  and demanding.” 

Emily Galimba commented: “Meghan has a talent in public speaking,not all actresses are good speakers.” 

Dess Roa said: “Worth watching & listening! Yep, she’s a really good speaker. There’s a stage presence & connection to the audience.” 


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