Meghan to create major 'shockwaves' in 2022 and 'jangle royal family' – astrologist claims

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Debbie Frank, a close confidante of Meghan’s late mother-in-law and a renowned media and celebrity astrologer, claims that the Duchess of Sussex, 40, will be stepping out of her comfort zone further in 2022. Princess Diana and Ms Frank reportedly started talking on the phone several times a week, and often had lunch meetings together, in the years following their initial meeting in 1989.

Speaking to Hello!, the astrologer analysed what 2022 will look like for Meghan, who is a Leo sign due to her August 4 birthday.

Debbie said: “Meghan is taking stock in January when a long-drawn-out battle reaches a tipping point.

The astrologer also claims the Duchess is on the lookout for new ventures outside of her comfort zone, ones that could cause “shockwaves”.

She said: “During March she’s looking for new ventures that will add a different dimension to her role in life and once again she’s capable of pulling things out of the hat that create a few shock waves.

“Meghan will resist anything that pigeon-holes her during this time and will take the lead to steer outside of her comfort zone.”

She claims that the Duchess’s star sign plays into her character, claiming that she “was always born to radiate a strong presence”.

She said: “Her Sun in shiny Leo in the area of the chart that attracts an enormous amount of attention means she was always born to radiate a strong presence. She is not a background person!

“Meghan may not consciously court controversy but the rebellious planet Uranus angling her Sun, is priming her to do what no one expects.”

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have “very big plans” for the year, royal expert Neil Sean has claimed.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Mr Sean said: “Apparently, Harry and Meghan are planning very big plans for 2022.

“You’re going to see a lot more of them and Meghan really wants to reshape herself now as something of an activist.”

While for the Firm, the Queen will celebrate 70 years as monarch.

The celebrations for her historic reign will be ongoing throughout the year, and also includes an extended bank holiday running from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 June.

A number of “events and community activities” have been planned over these days as celebrations for the British public.

To mark the milestone, Her Majesty will also be awarding Platinum Jubilee medals to some members of the Royal Family.

Among those expected to receive the award are Prince Andrew and his two daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

According to the Daily Express’s royal correspondent Richard Palmer, Meghan and Harry also appear to be on the list to receive the “commemorative” medal.

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