Mel Gibson handler stops interview after Will Smith Oscars slap question


A Mel Gibson interview was cut short when the actor/director was asked about Will Smith’s now-infamous slap at the Academy Awards.

“I was wondering if you had been the one that jumped up out of his seat and slapped Chris Rock, if you would’ve been treated the same way, Mel,” asked Fox News host Jesse Watters Friday evening. “Have you ever thought about that?”

After slapping Rock during the show, Smith was allowed to remain at the ceremony, receive an Oscar for Best Actor and even earned a standing ovation from the crowd when he accepted it.

Watters’ question came near the end of a five-minute interview.

As Gibson laughed, a handler for the star broke in to say the interview was over.

“Um, thank you, Jesse. That is our time,” said a disembodied female voice, prompting Watters to end the interview.

The awkward interview took place on Friday evening.
The awkward interview took place on Friday evening.
Mel Gibson handler cuts off inte

Gibson was promoting his new film “Father Stu,” which hits theaters April 13.


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