Met Office hot weather forecast: UK to bake as temperatures hit 32C in June SIZZ


High pressures have caused a sizzling heatwave in Southern Europe over the past few days, with temperatures reaching 40C in parts of Spain and Portugal. According to forecasters, these high pressures are now moving northward, bringing a warm spell to the south and southeastern England.

Met Office forecaster Matthew Box told the highest temperatures will be felt on Friday, particularly in London.

He said: “Over the next few days, we are expecting the southern half of the country to see a good deal of dry weather with high pressure in control.

“Temperature is going to gradually increase and we’re going to see some quite warm temperatures by the end of the week.”

According to the forecast, the warm weather will mostly affect Sussex, Kent, Surrey and Greater London, while North England and Scotland will be cooler.

Mr Box added: “Expected temperatures will get into mid to high 20s, across southern, southeastern, and eastern parts of England by midweek, and then we could see temperatures reaching the low 30s, with 32C possibly the highest temperature in London on Friday.”

But the hot weather could soon go down as a swift “transition” over the weekend may bring thunderstorms and lower temperatures which are “more average for this time of year”, according to the forecaster.

Mr Box said: “By the end of the week, we will see a transition to low pressures and during the weekend we could even see some thundery downpours on the front as the low pressure pushes down across the country.

“So during the weekend, we will have less hot conditions and temperatures returning back towards something more average for the time of year.”

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The Met Office forecast for Thursday to Saturday reads: “Dry conditions with variable cloud are likely for most at the start of this period.

“Light but variable winds and warm temperatures can be expected, but potentially very warm in the far south.

“Through the weekend, we can expect higher pressure from the continent to bring sunny and dry weather, particularly in the south.

“However, a north-south contrast is likely to emerge as lower pressure to the northeast may bring showers and generally more unsettled weather to northern regions.

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“Temperatures will be average for most, but warmer in the south, with possible thundery conditions bringing potentially hot temperatures for southern regions.

“High pressure is likely to persist and move westwards through this period, bringing more unsettled and occasionally showery conditions across the UK associated with a northwesterly wind.”


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