Michael Mosley: How to turn your body into a ‘fat burning machine’ to lose 2st in 8 weeks


Dr Michael Mosley is the man behind many diets: the Fast 800, 5:2, Way of Life and now the Fast 800 Keto. During a previous television appearance, the weight loss guru spoke about the Fast 800 diet and why rapid weight loss was more effective than the “slow and steady” dieting approach. 

Dr Michael said: “The problem with the original crash diets – like the cabbage soup diet or some of the juicing diets – you’re not getting adequate amounts of protein. 

“You need good amounts of high quality protein to maintain your muscle mass. 

“So there were a lot of crash diets that went out of fashion. 

“But recently, what they’ve found, if you do it properly, getting adequate amounts of protein – there’s been three big studies done, one in Australia, two in of them British, that show average weight loss for a rapid weight loss diet is around 10kg in about eight weeks – and it’s sustained for about a year.” 

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The expert also spoke about the benefit of “extending your overnight fast”. 

“Time-restricted eating,” he commented. “Extend the amount of time you don’t eat overnight.

“One of the things that happens is your body is designed to burn sugar and fat – you’re like a hybrid car. 

“Most of the time you’re body is burning sugar, if you want to burn fat, you have to go without food for 12 hours, then you turn into a fat burning machine – unless you do lots of exercise. 

“When you extend the overnight fast, you switch over to major fat burning around 7am-8am in the morning, and as soon as you start eating breakfast, that fat burning switches off straight away – that’s with no exercise. 

“If you exercise, it will happen early, and actually, exercising in the fasted state – before you have breakfast is more beneficial than after. 

“It’s what you eat that matters just as much as how much you eat,” he told Studio 10. 


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