Michael Mosley’s small diet changes to ‘rapidly lose’ 19lbs – ‘Your body will thank you’


Michael, like so many people, love snacks, and the only way he can resist temptation is to “banish treats” from his cupboards. 

He said: “There is a clear genetic component to weight gain, with studies showing that genes can influence your appetite, your food cravings and your tendency to use eating as a way to cope with stress. 

“I love food and I graze, particularly when I’m stressed. That’s why I gradually gained weight during my 30s and 40s and ended up, at the age of 55, weighing nearly 14 stone.” 

In 2012, Michael was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and he’s not alone, UK diabetes figures have doubled to five million in the past 15 years. 

But Michael turned his diabetes diagnosis around: “I lost 19lb rapidly through calorie restriction and intermittent fasting.” 

His diabetes went into remission and as long as he keeps his weight steady, he is “confident it will stay in abeyance”. 

So what are Michael’s top tips to keep a steady weight? 

He explained: “Establish three new habits now and you can set yourself on an altogether healthier new path for a longer life.” 

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