'Missing him so terribly' Queen had only spent one Christmas apart from Philip in 73 years

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The Queen only spent one Christmas without her “beloved” Prince Philip in over 73 years of marriage, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said. The author praised Her Majesty for pushing ahead with the annual speech and sharing her message of hope with the British public despite the ongoing health crisis in the UK. Speaking to GB News he said: “I think it was very moving.

“Last year’s speech, she empathised with those who suffered during the pandemic.

“This year it was clear this was very personal – she suffered the loss of her husband, the beloved Prince Philip after 73 years of marriage.

“In fact, they only spent one Christmas apart during that time so this is her first Christmas without him.”

The only time the Duke of Edinburgh did not spend Christmas with the Royal Family before his death was in 1956.

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The Duke took on a wide range of duties once his wife ascended the throne and that winter he was tasked with representing the Queen on a tour of Commonwealth nations that took him away for over four months.

Mr Fitzwilliams continued: “I thought she worked in the religious theme so sensitively, also the theme of climate change, paying tribute to Prince Charles and Prince William.

“But the centre stage was, unquestionably, the fact Prince Philip…she was missing him so terribly but he did also achieve a tremendous amount.”

During his career as a working royal, the Duke of Edinburgh visited over 143 countries and was a patron of an estimated 748 charities.

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