Moderna headache: The common side effects to watch out for after each Covid vaccine dose


Common side effects of second Moderna vaccine

A study by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention found that side effects throughout the body (such as fever, chills, tiredness and headache) are more common after the second dose of the vaccine.

The Business Insider study found that in people aged 65 and above, headaches were almost twice as common after the second dose:

  • 46 percent of this age group reported headaches
  • 58 percent experienced fatigue
  • 83 percent felt pain at the injection site

Injection site pain was common in 90 percent of double-jabbed Moderna recipients who were aged between 18-64, with 63 percent of this group also experiencing headaches.

On the whole, side effects were more commonly reported in this younger age bracket after the second dose.


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