Moment TV reporter collapses live on camera in front of Covid testing site – VIDEO


An Argentine TV correspondent Carlos Ferrara collapsed live on air this week as temperatures in the South American country passed 45C. Mr Ferrara was speaking outside a COVID-19 testing centre when he abruptly fell to the ground. He had been speaking to Claudio Perez, the lead presenter on Argentina’s Channel 9, when the reporter was heard saying “Sorry Claudio, sorry”.

A loud thud sound could then be heard through Mr Ferrara’s microphone feed.

The camera pans to Mr Ferrara lying on the ground, face down, with the microphone still in his hand.

The cameraman then rushed to help as the live feed was abruptly cut.

Host Mr Perez can be heard saying “What happened? No!” when the camera showed the collapsed reporter.

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Later talking to viewers, the Channel 9 host said: “Well, Carlos had some difficulty. They will surely attend to him. We are going to make a cut.”

After a short break, Mr Perez told viewers: “The first thing we want to say is that we are waiting for confirmation that they are treating our colleague Carlos Ferrara, who had an incident at the testing site.”

Channel 9 was later able to confirm that Mr Ferrara was stable and under observation at the José María Ramos Mejía General Acute Hospital.

He is currently undergoing a full health assessment.

The historic heatwave has seen the mercury rise to 45C in parts of Argentina and neighbouring countries in South America.

The heat and prolonged drought have badly hit the country’s grain-producing crops.

Cindy Fernandez, a meteorologist at Argentina’s official National Meteorological Service, explained: “Practically all of Argentina and also neighbouring countries such as Uruguay, southern Brazil and Paraguay are experiencing the hottest days in history.

“In Argentina, from the centre of Patagonia to the north of the country, thermal values ​​are being recorded that are reaching or exceeding 40 degrees.”


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