Motorists advised to prevent windscreen frost build up using common household objects


The Met Office has issued a number of yellow weather warnings over the past week, warning drivers of ice, snow, strong winds and cold temperatures. With winter in full swing, experts are urging motorists to take action to prevent frost from forming on their windscreen after a cold night.

Drivers can cover their windscreen with rubber bath mats or a folded sheet to prevent frost from building up before a chilly night.

The windshield wipers can be used to keep it in place.

To make life a bit easier, the side mirrors can be covered with carrier bags and secured with rubber bands to stop them freezing.

Experts at Barum Tyres also provided some advice for drivers looking for an easy getaway in the mornings.

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“You could also use this mix as a car de-icer. Just activate the wiper fluid and you’ll be clearing your windshield in a cinch.”

They are warned not to use newspaper as it is too thin and can freeze onto the windscreen.

Some could also make at home remedies to keep their car windows from freezing, by making different solutions, including mixing three parts vinegar to one part water.

These solutions have a lower freezing temperature than water and therefore only freeze over at much lower temperatures.

Motoring lawyer Nick Freeman warned drivers of the potential fines they face if they do not clear their vision properly before setting off.

He said: “It’s annoying to wait until the windscreen clears when you’re in a hurry, it’s freezing cold and the glass is frosted over.

“But it [is] an offence to drive without properly defrosting or demisting your vehicle and the police can fine you for relying on ‘porthole vision’ – where drivers leave a gap big enough to see out of but not the whole windscreen.

“Using a vehicle with parts or accessories in a ‘dangerous condition’ could result in a fine of £60 and three penalty points.

“Though the offences and consequences could be greater if you cause an accident.”


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