Motorists attack 'ridiculous suggestion' to ban car ownership over fears of losing freedom


Transport minister Trudy Harrison said that the UK was at a “tipping point” where shared mobility will soon be a “realistic option for many of us to get around, where mobility hubs become a familiar part of our street architecture”. She also added that these options would be available to book and pay for at the touch of a smartphone.

“Decided it wasn’t worth the hassle and went elsewhere.”

In a poll of 3,276 readers, held from December 21 to 23, a staggering 91 percent of voters said private car ownership should not be banned in cities.

The suggestion for an increase in shared transport included bike share schemes, car clubs, shared rides and e-scooters.

Another reader, Baggerron, commented that the traffic in the UK had shocked them and proposed an alternative way of imposing such rules.

“Something definitely needs to be done.”

Not everyone was in agreement, however, as Twitter user Christo Clifford said that car ownership wasn’t always necessary.

They claimed: “You don’t need a personal car in city centres.

“[This is] unless you are disabled or it’s connected with work directly like painters and decorators etc.”

Rob Reason, an Express reader, also stated that something similar to ending car ownership could be seen in the longer term.

They said: “Shared vehicle ownership is inevitable in the future, when all cars are self driving and simply turn up to take you to your destination, like a driverless Uber.

“Always on time, serviced and cleaned, for a yearly membership fee. This is the future for sure.

“But we are nowhere near ready right now.”


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