Motorists urged to check car battery problem as winter weather could leave many 'stranded'


Halfords are warning that cold weather, cars being left on driveways over the holidays and work from home policies will all cause the issue to be seen more commonly. Millions of motorists could face flat batteries once they start their cars after the festive period.

Many drivers will still be heading to work this week in spite of the work from home advice from the Government.

New research from the UK’s leading motoring retailer shows that 70 percent of motorists have experienced a flat battery.

Despite this, almost one third of drivers are clueless when it comes to fixing one.

Road users typically experience delays of two hours when their battery does fall flat.

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With further cold weather set to grip the nation, it is expected that more vehicles may face battery issues this winter.

Generally, drivers are advised to do some quick checks every time they open the bonnet to ensure everything is working correctly.

Halfords advise: “If your vehicle isn’t used a lot, or only for short journeys, you’ll want to carry out more frequent checks on the battery.

“This is because batteries naturally discharge and your vehicle still uses the battery even when the ignition is off, for example to power the alarm.

“If your battery level gets too low, you’ll need to charge it before it becomes impossible to do so.”

They also stress the importance of checking the acid and water levels of the battery.

Some drivers are also advised to consider long-term battery storage if they are not using their car for a greater period of time.


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