Nancy Pelosi says no-fly zone would be falling into Putin's 'trap' – ‘Beginning of WWIII’


In a press conference on Wednesday in Washington, British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss joined her US counterpart Antony Blinken to say that neither the UK nor the US would engage in direct military confrontation with Russia. At a separate press conference the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Ms Pelosi explained her conversations with the Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament about how the US would offer a different kind of help.

She said: “They know we can’t go there.

“Putin is trying to bait the trap so that we go in and that could be the beginning of WWIII.

“Putin, totally irresponsible using weapons that are not allowed under the Geneva Convention.

“Putin, who threatens the use of chemical weapons, nuclear and the rest.

“So they know that we can’t but it’s the ask.”

Ms Pelosi said the conversation had recently turned to Ukraine asking if it could have its own no-fly zone and use American planes to help them fight Russia.

She went on: “There are planes that the Ukraine pilots are trained on and these are some of the planes that are in Poland.

“Poland said they would do it if America said yes, America said yes.

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“But I’m not a military strategist.”

Despite President Zelensky’s repeated calls for NATO to install a no-fly zone, Mr Blinken said it would “almost certainly lead to direct conflict between the United States, between NATO and Russia”.

He told reporters: “That would expand the conflict; it would prolong it; it would make it much…deadlier than it already is.

“And that would be neither in the interests of our countries, nor in the interest of Ukraine.”


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