'NATO chaos' Sturgeon slammed for 'virtue signalling' plans to scrap nuclear deterrents


Professor Azeem Ibrahim, former foreign policy adviser to the Biden campaign, said the SNP policy of scrapping nuclear deterrents would put the NATO alliance in “complete chaos”, denying that it would promote peace. Speaking to Express.co.uk, he said: “It’s not a positive approach towards peace at all. I think the nuclear deterrent itself provides stability and the peace, as we’ve seen over the duration of the Cold War. So what the SNP are doing is just virtue signalling to some of their base.”

He added: “They are against the nuclear deterrent, irrespective of what the circumstances may be.

“They are against it from a philosophical point of view. We can’t uninvent nuclear weapons.

“In the future, we will be very grateful that we have our nuclear deterrents.”

Prof Ibrahim claimed that Ukraine’s decision to give up its nuclear weapons made them more vulnerable to a Russian invasion.

He said: “The unfortunate reality is that if Ukraine had retained its nuclear weapons on its soil after the collapse of the soviet union, Putin would definitely be thinking twice before he invaded it.

“This is the unfortunate situation. Countries will be looking and realising that nuclear weapons are the ultimate insurance policy.

“And Ukraine has realised that very quickly.”

He added: “The UK is one of the primary ways of providing the nuclear umbrella to Europe in the NATO alliance.

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Last year, a defence expert claimed that Trident may be forced overseas or halted if Scotland gains independence and removes Trident submarines from its shores.

This is because key Trident assets – such as the Farslane submarine base, the warhead loading site at Coulport, and nearby testing ranges – are all located in Scotland or Scottish waters.

This comes amid a mounting threat of nuclear war, after Putin put his nuclear forces on high alert less than a week after his invasion of Ukraine began.

The move came in response to what Putin called “aggressive statements against our country”.

However, the US described the move as a “totally unacceptable” escalation.


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