Nervous dog desperate for owner who understands 'quirks' after one year in kennels


Gruffalo has been waiting patiently at The Stubbington Ark in Hampshire for a forever home. But after more than a year at the RSPCA centre, the adorable four-year-old Shih Tzu cross has still not found the right match and the charity has launched a special appeal.

Gruffalo can be nervous around new people and certain situations, such as going to the vets or groomers, make him anxious.

He is looking for an experienced owner who is willing to continue his training.

Kayleigh Allen, from the RSPCA branch, said: “Gruffalo is an absolute cutie and we’ve had lots of applications for him.

“However, he isn’t a little lap dog as his appearance may suggest.

“Sadly, he does have some behavioural challenges and, for this reason, we need to be really careful to match him with someone who fully understands these quirks.

“It takes Gruffalo time to feel comfortable around new people and it can take several meetings until he’s confident enough to say ‘hello’.

“Even when he gets to know and trust someone he finds being restrained – such as at the vets or groomers – really frightening and, unfortunately, this has prompted him to bite in the past.

“For this reason he needs an experienced home with an owner who is willing to continue the training we’ve been doing with him.

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“He’d benefit from having a structured daily routine as well as a safe space of his own where he can eat and sleep in peace, and a quiet, secure garden to enjoy.

“He’s such a lovely little lad but needs time to trust new people so we really hope we can find someone to give him a chance and commit to spending time with him.

“After all, the best things in life are worth the wait!”

Find out more about Gruffalo and other dogs for adoption at The Stubbington Ark here. 


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