Nicola Sturgeon slammed for allowing ‘extremists’ in Government as Greens oppose NATO


The Greens are due to hold their spring conference on Friday and a spokesperson for the Scottish Greens repeated their “well understood” position against the alliance. This comes as Russia’s attack on Ukraine has forced many nations to reexamine their military spending.

The spokesperson said: “Our position on NATO is longstanding and well understood.

“As a democratic party any change in that position would be down to members, but as the world changed, we would always look for ways to ensure peace and cooperation.

“One only has to look at the important role the EU has played this week in terms of sanctions and practical support for Ukraine to see an example of a close working relationship between neighbours, not all of whom are members of the NATO alliance.” 

Though the latter is true, the recent threats of nuclear warfare from President Putin have pushed countries such as Finland and Sweden, who are not members of NATO, to reconsider membership.

Donald Cameron, Scottish Conservative MSP said: “It is staggering that the appalling situation in Ukraine has failed to open the eyes of the Scottish Greens on how vital it is that we stand together as part of NATO.

“The SNP have brought extremists into the heart of the Scottish Government who would rather we were less safe and secure than at present with the UK as a key part of the defensive alliance of NATO.”

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Rear Admiral John Gower, who was a former submarine commander, said: “Seeing the departure of nuclear weapons from an independent Scotland might be seen as an easy gimme, a cosy feel-good risk-free by-product of independence for many Scottish voters.

“However, they need to be made aware, on a factual basis, of the repercussions for Scotland, the rest of the UK, the wider NATO alliance.”

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The SNP have said the UK Government would have to ensure the “earliest and safe withdrawal” of the nuclear deterrent in the event of an independent Scotland though they value NATO protection and membership which many have seen as hypocritical compared to the Greens.

Admiral Gower stated: “To leave Faslane and Coulport in short order after a referendum, and that is the SNP’s position, would represent a very significant threat to the UK deterrent.”


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