No thanks, Macron! UK rejects plans for Channel power cable after French blackout threat


Business Secratary Kwasi Kwarteng poured cold water on the project that would have linked Britain with the EU. 

Mr Kwarteng rejected that application from investment firm Aquind, which was looking to connect the British and French grids to make energy markets more efficient. 

Last month, Britain’s energy regulator launched a new round of investment bids to build the sub-sea cables. 

Ofgem claimed the plans would help boost national energy security and electrification plans.

These could help the UK reach its climate goals, Ofgem has claimed.


But this came after a seires of energy threats from the French. 

Amid a furious Brexit fishing licenses row, French President Emmanuel Macron’s Government threatened to put the lights out in the UK. 

Back in October, European Affair Minister Clement Beaune seemed poised to cut off UK energy supplies after his outrage at Britain’s refusal to grant French vessels more fishing licenses.

And Mr Macron was so trigerred by the UK’s stance that he deemed the talks to be “over” between the UK and the EU. 

He warned that that if the UK did not allow French fishermen in its waters, the EU would have to block the UK’s energy supplies to the European market.


And this sparked panic in the UK.

French energy giant EDF operates eight nuclear power stations in the UK.

But the France appeared to back off after warned about its “very bad behaviour”. 

This is a breaking story. More to follow.


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