Now Iran weighs in on party row – Tehran armed forces urge Boris Johnson to resign


The news comes as Mr Johnson awaits the results of the Sue Gray inquiry in which his conduct and attendance at a Downing Street party during the height of lockdown restrictions was exposed. Already, several Tory MP’s have publically called on Mr Johnson to resign, including high profile figures such as David Davis, as well as numerous crossbench party members.

The situation become more inflamed when MP for Bury South, Christian Wakeford defected to the Labour Party just prior to PMQ’s on Wednesday.

Highlighting the Iranian stance on Twitter, one journalist added further woe onto the PM by reposting a social media message by an IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) affiliated account to Mr Johnson.

Writing on Twitter, journalist Lizzie Porter said: “Seriously Boris Johnson, even IRGC-affiliated social media is jibing at you now – a Quds Force-affiliated Telegram channel, citing Reuters and The Daily Telegraph, describes “probability of a revolt in the ruling party and Johnson’s removal from office.”

In her own chance to jibe the PM, she also ended her Tweet with the words: “Just go.”

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The message on the IRCG account, called Quds News, was written in Farsi and published on their Telegram channel.

The attention given to the case by Iran is not unique.

Across the world, the global media is highly focused on the fate of the Prime Minister.

French journal Le Monde also covered the news, saying Mr Johnson had lied about events at Downing Street, suggesting the PM is now on his last chance.

Germany’s DW also joined in, stating that Mr Johnson was defying the odds in fighting a leadership challenge within the party.

Turkey’s TRT World published a piece in which Tory MP William Wragg accuses Mr Johnson’s staff, Government ministers and others of “encouraging the publication of stories in the press seeking to embarrass those whom they suspect of lacking confidence in the Prime Minister”.

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Iran’s IRGC account was not the only story in the Iranian media surrounding the PM.

The scandal has been an ideal opportunity for nations not traditionally allied with the UK to focus attention on the country.

For Iran, ongoing nuclear talks in Vienna have brought London and Tehran much closer as both parties, along with France, Germany, China and Russia negotiate terms to bring the US back into the mix.

Britain and Iran also continue to enjoy diplomatic exchanges through their respective embassies.

For Mr Johnson, the future now lies in the hands of the independent inquiry being led by Ms Gray.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly stated that he will await the publication of the report prior to making a decision.


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