'Ooops!' ITV newsreader accidentally announces Pope's death on Christmas Day

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The ITV News presenter left viewers in shock after mistakenly saying Pope Francis had died on Christmas Day. The newsreader was discussing the Holy Father’s annual Urby et Orbin homily when she seemingly fell victim to a Freudian slip and announced the Pope had died. Viewers were left in shock despite the news host quickly apologising for the mishap.

The ITV Evening News presenter said: “He said vaccines should be made available to those most in need.

“His death was announced…excuse me.”

The blunder sparked a frenzy on social media, with social media consultant Matt Navarra commenting: “ITV News just announced the death of the pope on Christmas Day. Classic. *the pope is not dead.”

@samalam shared footage of the mishap on Twitter with the comment: “did they just accident announce the pope was dead on itv?! #itvnews #thepope.”


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