Opinion: US men's basketball gets selfish, and finds itself in thumping Iran

TOKYO – There was a possession near the end of U.S. men’s basketball team’s Olympic debut against France where Damian Lillard had a look at a 3-pointer that, if he were wearing a Portland Trail Blazers uniform instead of Team USA, would have gone up 100 times out of 100. It wasn’t so wide open that Lillard had no other option than to shoot, but for one of the great shooters in the world, it was open enough.

And yet, Lillard inexplicably tried to swing it to the corner. The play resulted in a turnover. The U.S. lost the game. Afterwards, Draymond Green spoke up and reminded Lillard of something important as the American team moves forward: Damien Lillard is supposed to shoot that ball.

“I just said I should have shot it and it won’t happen again, and I think our communication has improved,” Lillard said. “Just talking after that loss, we came together and it was a line of communication between then and now where it was like, it’s time to start looking like Team USA.”

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