Panic as road by primary school cordoned off by police officers


A residential street has been taped off near a primary school in Beeston, Leeds, this morning. Officers remain at the scene, which is also near a Tesco Express in the industrial area in the south of the city.

Vera Safouaa, 28 and who lives on the road, said: “I just saw it when I answered the door. I’ve seen no police until now. Nothing.

“It’s somewhat scary because you wonder what is happening and what has happened.

“It’s confusing. I usually hear the siren, but I’ve never seen it like this here. It’s a bit scary because I don’t know the reason behind it.”

The reason for the cordon has not yet been publicly disclosed, Leeds Live says.

A reporter for the publication said: “The road is completely closed to all traffic outside the school and Tesco Express.

“Two police officers are standing guard at the scene. Dewsbury Road, the main route through the area, remains open to all traffic.”

West Yorkshire Police have been contacted for comment.

The estate is just off the M621, which runs from the M1 link near Stourton, Leeds, past the city and out to the east.


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