Penelope the pink pigeon shocks families – mystery over coloured bird in town centre


Penelope the pink pigeon made a star appearance in Solihull town centre. One college student, Rabia, captured the pigeon on camera as it travelled around the area. The pigeon was a mysterious pink colour – causing amazement from onlookers.

Penelope was spotted on the High Street in Solihull on Wednesday 22 December.

Rabia, from Solihull, said: “I was just fascinated by the bird – and my family are fascinated, too.”

The pigeon was named after the Thunderbirds puppet Penelope, famed for her cerise car and clothing.

The student is adamant that there has been no tampering with the pigeon.

This means that Penelope would be a natural pink.

However, although Rabia maintains they did not tamper with the pigeon, other people in the area may have changed the colour.

One British Trust for Ornithology spokesperson said that a similar bird had been spotted in Birmingham, with a similar colour.

It was confirmed that the bird in this instance was dyed by a third party – meaning the pigeon was not a natural colour.

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“This is the first time I’ve heard of one escaping into public, though.”

Although the main theory is that the bird’s colour is artificial due to dye being used, there are other theories.

One suggestion includes that the bird may have had their diet changed.

In turn, this would impact the colouration of the pigeon – forcing the change to pink.

An example of this would be how Flamingos become the vibrant colour pink.

In their case, Flamingos’ colours change based on the brine shrimps they eat as part of their diet.

So it could be the case that something similar may have happened in the case of Penelope the pigeon.


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