Peston: Grant Shapps hints new Covid guidelines are being ‘worked on’


He said: “If you tested positive and it felt like a bit of a cold, would you be happy to go into the office?”

Mr Shapps responded that he would follow scientific advice as he did when he tested positive for the Omicron variant.

He said: “I’ll follow the scientific advice as I’ve always done.

“I had Omicron so I self-isolated.”

Mr Peston interjected to ask the Welwyn Hatfield MP what he would do if the advice or guidance changed.

He said: “So if that wasn’t the rule you’d go into the office?”

Mr Shapps hinted that new guidance was being prepared for this eventuality.

He said: “I’ve yet to see what the guidance would be.

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“The law will come to an end… but all the way through coronavirus there has been different guidance.

“Which may mean that employers can accept guidance.

“I don’t want to mislead you as I haven’t seen the guidance yet.

“Nor have I had those conversations with Chris Whitty and the medical experts.


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