Poinsettia care – expert guide to prolong festive houseplants beyond Christmas

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How to keep poinsettias alive for longer

Speaking exclusively to, Serenata Flowers product specialist Natalie Devereux said: “Poinsettias, popular at Christmas time, are often thrown out after the festivities, but with a little care and attention, it’s possible to keep them alive into the New Year and even get them flowering again for the following Christmas.”

While poinsettias need little in the way of regular care, keeping your festive houseplant in a nourishing environment is the key to prolonging its blooming period.

Getting everything from the temperature of your home to the moisture of the soil correct is crucial to the root structure and overall health of the plant.

Natalie added: “Poinsettias should be placed in bright, indirect light, in a warm room away from any draught.
“They need to be watered sparingly, not to schedule but when the surface feels dry to touch.”

The iconic red leaves of the poinsettia should be misted regularly with water to maintain the vibrant hue of the plant.

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