‘Precious daughter’ Meghan and Harry ‘presented’ Lilibet to the world in ‘un-royal’ manner


She commented: “These photos do look therapeutic, with Lilibet clearly enjoying her first birthday, being presented very emphatically in what looks like a very relaxed and natural, un-royal ‘family’ grouping scenario. 

“The suggestion is that Harry and Meghan have their own friends and family in the US and can share the fun there.

“Meghan’s casual, fresh-faced look is a world away from her Palace formals and her excited smile is one that looks identical to the smiles she wore as a young girl. 

“She is cuddling her daughter to show how precious she is but she is also involving her in a group scenario with another family of small children to suggest Lilibet has her own friends and ‘family’ setting back in the US,” the expert suggested. 


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