President Trump: Visit the Children, Not the Wall

To the Editor:

Re “Visiting Texas Border, Trump Seeks Respite but Finds Divisions” (news article, Jan. 13):

Instead of visiting the wall, President Trump should visit and look into the eyes of the children who were pulled from their parents’ arms at the border and remain separated from them by his policy.

Ellen M. Heller
The writer is a retired judge.

To the Editor:

In “Do Children in India Really Need to Learn to Code?” (Op-Ed, Jan. 4), Neelesh Misra posits that the future should have a place “for dreamers and doers, and not just those hunched forever over a computer,” as if the two are mutually exclusive. They are not.

At Girls Who Code, we do everything in our power to combat the idea that coders are just men hunched over computers.

Our girls create apps and write code to solve climate change, combat bullying, raise awareness about voting rights and gun control and menstruation stigma. Recently, one of our alumnae founded an organization for the 3D printing of thousands of units of personal protective equipment for frontline workers.

The problem isn’t that we have too much coding education. Rather, it’s that we must do a better job with how we build our computer science curriculums to make the field appealing and welcoming to the diverse change-makers, storytellers and creative minds that we so desperately need in tech.

Tarika Barrett
New York
The writer is chief operating officer of Girls Who Code.

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