Prince Andrew lawsuit with Giuffre dismissed by US District Judge after settlement


The civil lawsuit was brought against Prince Andrew by Ms Giuffre who accused the prince of sexual assault while she was a minor at 17 years old. Prince Andrew has always vehemently denied any allegations and no criminal charges were brought against him. It must also be noted that the settlement is not an admission of guilt.

After the settlement agreement, the prince was given until March 17 to settle, or a trial date would be set.

Now the case has been settled and dismissed, the lawsuit cannot be made again.

According to the filing, each side will pay for their own costs and fees.

The high-profile case brought shame and scandal upon the prince and the rest of the royal family after his disastrous Newsnight interview with Emily Maitlis and his ongoing friendship with disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

On Tuesday, both parties filed court documents that confirm the case has been settled and so in Manhattan, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan signed a stipulation to dismiss the lawsuit.

In February, the case was settled out of court with Andrew having to pay an undisclosed sum in damages to Ms Giuffre.

A joint statement that confirmed the settlement said that the Prince regretted his connection to Epstein who “trafficked countless young girls over many years”.

It added that Andrew commended Ms Giuffre’s “bravery” and recognised that Ms Giuffre was “an established victim of abuse” who was subject to “unfair public attacks”.

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As the case went on and the idea of a trial became more immediate, the Queen and the rest of the royal family distanced themselves from Andrew and stripped him of his honorary titles and patronages.

However, concerns were still raised that the Queen and Prince Charles may contribute to funding the lawsuit.

After The Sun reported that Prince Charles and the Queen were helping out with the funds, Britain’s finance minister declared that no public funds went towards the settlement.

Despite the settlement and closure of the case, Prince Andrew will not regain his titles and patronages and will most likely not be returning to public life.


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