Prince Andrew 'only person on planet' believing royal comeback possible, expert claims


Prince Andrew is fighting a legal battle with Virginia Giuffre over allegations he sexually abused her, claims the Duke has repeatedly and consistently denied. The Duke of York has been facing much criticism for his connection to convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his now-imprisoned partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. Royal editor Russell Myers claimed that Prince Andrew’s chances of getting back to a normal royal life are impossible and the reputational damage to the Monarchy could have adverse effects in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee year. 

Speaking tp True Royalty’s The Royal Beat, The Daily Mirror royal editor claimed: “The reputational damage to the Monarchy, but forget him [Prince Andrew], he’s finished, he’ll never come back.

“He is probably the only person on the planet to think he has a chance of coming back.

“The rest of the family wouldn’t want him any near it., but the reputational damage to the Monarchy up on the Platinum Year would be absolutely catastrophic.”

Former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond claimed that the Duke’s reputation would be damaged even if US judge Lewis Kaplan were to decide not to pursue the case.

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Ms Bond said: ”He must be on tenterhooks, it must be a very awkward weekend as he waits for Judge Lewis Kaplan to come to his decision as to whether the civil court case will proceed or will be dismissed.

“Obviously, the outcome he would like is that the judge will come back and say Virginia Giuffre doesn’t have a case and there’ll be no further proceedings.

“I think it’s unlikely, I think if it did happen he would still have enormous reputational damage for his exceptionally bad choice of friends in Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted paedophile, Ghislaine Maxwell, who is in jail at the moment – convicted as things stand but appealing the conviction against her.”

She added: “He’s in a lot of bother, I don’t see any way out that’s going to be satisfactory for the public opinion.”

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The Duke of York’s legal team last week presented its case for the dismissal of the lawsuit, arguing a settlement Giuffre agreed to with Epstein in 2009 would free Prince Andrew of liabilities.

But Mr Boies argued the settlement did not apply to the Duke.

He said: “The only claim that is asserted that was made in Florida in the 2009 action that covered Prince Andrew was the third count which was to transport somebody for the purpose of illegal sexual activity

“There is no allegation that Prince Andrew was the person transporting.

“There is no allegation that Prince Andrew fell into the category of people who were doing the trafficking.

“He was somebody to whom the girls were trafficked.”

Judge Kaplan said last week he will be returning a decision on whether the case will be heard by a jury “soon.”


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