Prince Andrew told me to 'f*** off!' Ex-Palace aide breaks silence on Duke of York


Paul Page, who worked as a royal protection officer at the Queen’s London residence for six years, said the Duke of York, 61, was wearing a tracksuit and looked “scruffy” at the time when the alleged remark was made. Mr Page claims the incident took place in the early 2000s.

Speaking to The Sun Online, Mr Page elaborated on the circumstances of the alleged comment.

He described an evening when the Prince sparked a security scare outside the Queen’s bedroom at Buckingham Palace while the monarch wasn’t in residence.

The ex-palace aide claimed he and his colleagues went to investigate, and allegedly found that it wasn’t an intruder but was instead the Queen’s second son.

Mr Page said: “It was at night, and we were checking CCTV in the control room when we saw a man walking along the corridor in the Queen’s private quarters.

“Her Majesty was not at Buckingham Palace at the time, so this was a major potential security scare.

“A sergeant, myself, and two other police officers went to her apartments to investigate.

“We approached from either end of the corridor so we could surround the potential intruder.

“But when we got there, we realised it was Prince Andrew.”

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While this is his main residence, Andrew also had his own rooms at Buckingham Palace, where he would frequently stay when he was in London.

Mr Page describes the alleged incident as behaviour typical of the Duke, whom he also referred to as “a f***ing a***hole and a bully”.

The ex-aide also alleges that the Duke “treated staff terribly”.

He added: “I never had any problems with any other members of the Royal Family in my time at Buckingham Palace. The Queen is a lovely lady.

“But Prince Andrew had this nasty side to him, he treated staff terribly.

“He got away with it for so long.”

Mr Page provided armed security to the Royal Family between 1998 and 2004, and was recently interviewed by ITV’s Ranvir Singh for the documentary ‘Ghislaine, Prince Andrew and the Paedophile’.

During his interview for the show, which aired earlier this month, he claimed the prince would “shout and scream” if a huge collection of teddy bears was positioned out of place by royal servants.

He claims the Duke had a picture in a drawer next to his bed showing how the 50 to 60 bears should be correctly positioned.

He told The Sun Online that he brought up that anecdote during his interview because he wanted to show how the prince “would coerce his staff and mistreat them”.

A representative for Prince Andrew was contacted for comment by


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