Prince Andrew's title removal 'accelerated' Prince Charles' vision for Royal Family


Rupert Bell claimed that the Queen puts her Royal family beyond anything but Andrew’s civil case is “hugely damaging”.  Prince Charles prefers the Monarchy to be slimmed down that is “fit for purpose” and can “accelerate” the process. However, the stripping off the Royal titles from Prince Andrew has been difficult for Her Majesty who wanted him to be at the forefront during her Platinum Jubilee celebration fulfilling the duties in her absence. 

Rupert Bell, a sports broadcaster on Talksport: “One thing about Queen is she sees the bigger picture and she knows it’s not a good look so far, however, and because she always puts her Royal family beyond anything else, and she knows this is hugely damaging. 

“When in a year, we should we celebrating, the fact that she is the longest ever serving monarch, and will be celebrating a Platinum Jubilee, this will be a huge distraction, so she knows this has to be done, and Prince Charles increasingly in a house to say on things, and Prince William I am sure had a view on it as well. 

“It is part of the way they want the Monarchy now, slimmed down, fit for purpose rather than being a bloated organisation which has been now serving for centuries, but certainly now it will almost be a line of succession that is the significant point, and this just accelerated the process.

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“They probably didn’t wanna do it because what they really wanted in her older years is that Prince Andrew should have been out there on the forefront fulfilling the public duties on her behalf, and that is one of the reasons why he was Colonel of the Regiment and other organisations including the ones in Canada and New Zealand that he’s had to give up.”

Prince of Wales always wanted a “slimmed down” Monarchy ever since Prince Harry willingly “stepped back” from the Royal duties to lead an independent financial life in the US. 

Dr Robert Morris from University College London’s Constitution Unit talks about Charles’ vision for the future of Monarchy with

He said: “One wonders how far Charles has thought this through really. 

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However, there has speculation on the Queen’s decision to strip off Prince Andrew’s titles and patronages sooner.

Royal author Penny Juror expressed: “I think it was a huge embarrassment that retired serving military personnel were demanding that titles be removed.

“That just becomes embarrassing and it becomes damaging to the Queen because the Queen is then seen as protecting her son.”

She added: “I don’t know if the Queen was too slow to take them back or whether it lies with Andrew who was too slow to offer them back.

“But either way I think actually a bit of criticism has to fall on the Queen here, because if Andrew was not offering them up she, or her advisers should have seen that this was going to cause a problem and should have insisted that she take them back.”


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