Prince Charles puzzled by ‘strange’ idea to break royal tradition when he is king


Rumours over the future of Buckingham Palace have been swirling for years, with some suggesting it could become a working-hub rather than an official residence for the monarch. Buckingham palace was first used by Queen Victoria in 1837 as the official London residence for the British monarchy.

If Prince Charles chose not to move into the Palace, he would be the first Monarch to do so since King William IV.

It was said that Charles disliked the size of the Palace saying it was too impersonal and prefers his Clarence House where he currently resides with the Duchess of Cornwall.

However, as Buckingham Palace continues to go through its £369 million taxpayer-funded refurbishment, the Prince has been said to have changed his feelings on the palace.

A close friend told Mail Online: “He is firmly of the view that it is the most distinct symbol of the monarchy in the heart of the nation’s capital and therefore it must be his home.”

They added: “He also thinks it would be strange to have Buckingham Palace without royals living there.”

As the refurbishment continues, all the royals have been moved out of the palace, but it continues to be a place of work with over 15 million tourists arriving each year and hosting almost 100,000 guests.

With such an appeal that also attracts tourists with its Changing of the Guard ceremony, the biggest tourism boost in London, it would certainly be strange if the royals no longer lived there.

The friend continued: “What would be the point of putting on such a colourful spectacle for an empty building?”

It is said that Charles aims to “slim down the monarchy” once he inherits the throne and as the ten-year refurbishment is under way with completion set for 2027, he can combine the two and achieve his goal of making the palace the primary symbol and headquarters of the monarchy.

A source confirmed: “There is no question about it. HRH’s view is that you need a monarch at the monarchy HQ. This has never been in doubt.”

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The Prince aims to make more of the palace available to the public and for longer than it currently is while the royals continue to work and reside within it.

A source supported this view by saying: “It would make sense commercially by helping to offset the cost of running the place by extending the ticket-buying availability.”

It is increasingly clear that under Charles, the palace will somewhat revert back to its glory days when the Queen and Prince Philip were younger, and it became a hub of energy and excitement with many events like concerts and balls.

As King, Charles will have many properties and patronages to give out to his family and part of his preparations for his slimmed down monarchy include making changes to the vast royal estate.

Many of these changes have already been implemented through Prince Andrew being stripped of his patronages and Prince Harry’s separation which all aid Charles’ goal.

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