Prince Charles warns of ‘increasingly dire’ situation in first New Year message


Set to be shared across all social media and worldwide in British embassies, the Prince’s words for 2022 were inspired by his meeting with a refugee. The Prince of Wales, 73, said: “As we start a New Year, we might take a moment to remember the many people around the world who are standing up for freedom and human rights.

“In places such as Afghanistan, Syria and Myanmar, among others, the threats and reality of political and religious persecution and insecurity are coupled with an increasingly dire humanitarian situation.

“In the face of such adversity, incredibly brave individuals, local communities and international organisations are responding to great needs by providing vital assistance.

“I pray for peaceful resolutions to these conflicts and that we might all be blessed with the courage to support those in need, wherever they may be.”

In 2021, Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, visited the Middle East, including Jordan.

During this royal tour, the Prince met with Hudaifa, a 30-year-old Syrian refugee who was trying to start a new life as a beekeeper in Jordan.

Hudaifa had lost everything during the Syrian civil war and was rebuilding his life with a grant from the International Rescue Committee.

Prince Charles became a patron of the said charity in January 2020 and has also met with other refugees in the past, thanks to his role as president of the British Red Cross.

When meeting with the royal, Hudaifa offered him a pot of his honey.

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He said: “People will say, ‘He’s a great friend to our community, whether that is the Muslim, Hindi or Jewish community.

“People warm to him and the role he has played.”

Hitan Mehta, executive director of the British Asian Trust, added, “He is very good at being able to cut through any divide. He has a really deep understanding of those communities.”


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