Prince George loves one TV show so much a special episode was dedicated to the royal


She said: “Fireman Sam has taken an awful lot of interest.”

Kate also explained that George loves helicopters which appear in the show and in 2016 the duchess was spotted buying a Fireman Sam reading book for George at a charity shop.

It appears the show’s creators were pleased about their young royal fan.

As a result, they decided to create a special episode dedicated to George.

In 2018 for the show’s 30th anniversary special they gave George and his Dad a cameo of sorts and named the episode The Prince in Pontypandy.

In it the fictional Welsh village of Pontypandy where Sam and his fire crew live received a surprise visitor.

This turned out to be an unnamed royal prince and Sam and his crew were given the task of organising the event.

However, when one of the character’s falls down a ravine the prince himself comes to the rescue in a helicopter. 

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