Prince Harry explains to Archie Harrison who Princess Diana is 'We have pictures up'


Prince Harry has spoken during a rare interview with the US broadcaster NBC’s TODAY about how he is keeping his mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales’ memory alive and explaining to his children who his mother was. Harry welcomed two children with his wife Meghan Markle since they got married in 2018. The interview is avaliable to watch in the UK from today.

Journalist Hoda Kotb asked Harry: “Do you tell them [Archie and Lili], or Archie as he is old enough, about your mum?”

Harry replied: “Yes, very much so.

“I don’t tell him all the stuff that happened but certainly that this is Grandma Diana and we have got a couple of photos up in the house”.

Ms Kotb said: “In these moments [the Invictus Games] do you ever feel your mum’s presence?”.

The Duke answered that her presence has been felt “constant”, especially, over the “past two years” before adding that this is “more so than ever before”.

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The 37-year-old adds: “It’s like she’s done her bit with my brother [Prince William] and now she’s, very much, helping me.

“She got him set up [with a family] and now she’s helping me set up”, adding that that’s “that’s what it feels like.”

The Duke continued: “He’s got his kids and I have got my kids”.

He pointed out that the circumstances of the two are “obviously different”.

Ms Kotb concluded” “I am sure she is proud of you”, the Duke replied that he is “sure she is”

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