Property owner left furious after ‘cowboy electrician’ installs ‘dangerous’ plug socket


A householder from the village of Groby in Leicestershire was left with a dangerously placed plug socket after an electrician visited their property. The individual posted a photo of the dodgy job on a local Facebook page called Spotted Groby to complain about the electrician. 

The homeowner asked for another electrician, preferably from Coalville, to fix the blunder, according to LeicestershireLive.

The person wrote on the Facebook group: “I’ve had a cowboy in.

“Is there anyone from Coalville that can come and sort this please?”

The photo the person uploaded shows a plug socket on a brickwork outside wall.

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Water can be a conductor of electricity which means an individual using the socket when it’s wet could suffer from an electric shock.

Plugging something into a socket when there is water inside could cause a short circuit.

This could cause power to go out, melting wires or an overloaded electrical outlet.

Electrical fees can develop under these circumstances which can cause extensive damage to property.

Additional reporting by Corey Bedford


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