Puppy has adorable solution for standing out at kennels – he smiles at EVERY visitor


Eight-week-old Burreaux has been living at the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana with his siblings Joe and O. The pups were named by director Courtney Wingate after three Louisiana State University Football players.

After being brought to the rescue centre, Burreaux found a way to stand out among all the other canines also hoping to be adopted.

The black labrador smiled at all of those visiting the kennels in the hope somebody will stop and be charmed by his cheeky grin.

The pup’s adorable plan has paid off, as he has now found loving new owners.

The dog, deemed “so sweet” by staff at the centre, is described as both “active and playful” so is sure to keep his new owners on their toes.

A spokesperson from Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana said: “Burreaux came to us from Caddo Animal Control with his two siblings.

“He is active, playful and so sweet. He is the runt of the bunch.

“We have even started teaching him how to play fetch.”

Before being adopted, Bureaux and his siblings underwent routine check-ups at the vets, but they were given a clear bill of health.

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Thankfully, little Burreaux made a speedy recovery and was soon adopted by a couple who couldn’t resist his cheeky grin.

His siblings also had cause to celebrate, after securing their own homes with new families.

Celebrating his adoption, the spokesperson added: “Happy life Burreaux!

“Our sweet smiling boy who became social media viral with his grin has found his forever!”

The pooch was inundated with well wishes for life with his new family, with many people on social media urging him to “keep smiling”.

One user said: “It warms my heart that this sweet pup now has a forever home. Hope the family enjoys. Many blessings for years to come.”

While another added: “Congratulations to you all! Have a awesome life together. Keep smiling, sweet boy.”

A third said: “Please take good care of Burreaux. He’s a sweetie who needs a good home and a lot of love. Thank you.”


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