Putin boasts ‘unparalleled’ hypersonic missiles are 'ready' to launch – horror warning


It comes after the Russian President sent tanks rolling into two rebel-held regions of Ukraine after stating that they were independent. This prompted Ukraine to declare a state of emergency as fears of a “full-scale invasion” skyrocketed. Now, as Mr Putin’s 200,000 strong troops pile up on Ukraine’s borders, he has sent the West another horrifying warning as he eyes up his massive arsenal of 6,257-strong nuclear weapons, the largest stockpile of any country.

But also in Russia’s arsenal are Mr Putin’s “unparalleled hypersonic “weapons” which the Russian President warned have been “put on combat duty”.

The Russian leader added: “We will continue to develop advanced weapons systems – including hypersonic.”

Steve Hsu, a physicist, sent a horror warning in a conversation with Richard Hanania from The Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology.

He said: “The technology is now mature for hypersonic weapons.

“So both in terms of guidance systems, sensors and also the basic aerodynamics material science to protect the missile or device as its moving at a hypersonic through what could be a plasma that’s created in the atmosphere.

“The Russians have continued to develop that kind of technology; the Chinese have also developed that technology. The US kind of dropped the ball and stopped being interested in it over the last 20 years I would say.”

Mr Putin’s terrifying message also comes just days after he ordered the testing of two intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

One was fired northwest Russia, and the second from a submarine in the Barents Sea, which reportedly hit targets thousands of kilometres away in the far eastern peninsula of Kamchatka.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has warned that Russia is “hell-bent” on a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and that a direct attack on Kiev is “highly likely”.

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And he told BBC Radio 4 that nuclear threats are far from off the table.
He warned: “Russians integrate nuclear thinking into every aspect of their military doctrine and they practice it.

“We’ve seen they’ve been practising it in Belarus in exercises that have been happening in the last Ukraine crisis when Russia invaded Crimea.

“Nuclear blackmail, nuclear thinking is integrated into every aspect of military and defence doctrine so we have to assume the worst in that case.”


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