Putin humiliated as ANOTHER top Russian colonel killed in Ukraine conflict


Mikhail Nagamov, was the commander of a sapper regiment, and reportedly died in battle last Wednesday.

Ukraine said last week Russia had lost as many as eight generals and 33 colonels in the conflict so far.

Reports state Nagamov died while “performing a combat mission in Ukraine”, but little more information was provided around the circumstances of his death.

The 41-year-old commander has left behind a wife and a child who live in the village of Suslonger, located about 400 miles east of Moscow.

Ukraine’s military has claimed to have killed nearly 21,000 Russian soldiers since Putin began his bloody invasion on February 24.

They also claim to have destroyed hundreds of military armoured vehicles.

Russia has also lost the warship Moskva, which was the flagship of its Black Sea Fleet, in what is another devastating loss for the Russian leader.

The bloodshed is expected to increase again as Putin’s generals are going back into battle in Ukraine’s east in an attempt to capture the Donbas region.

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