Putin 'quite a weak player' as Russia expert exposes pivotal mistake in invasion strategy


Expert analysis of military strategy in the Russian invasion of Ukraine has exposed President Putin as a ‘weak player’ as the Kremlin has failed to follow a logical line of attack. Russian aggression has been ill-prepared and rushed as analysts suggest Putin should have withheld the invasion until he could ensure a greater European reliance on Russian fuel supplies. Roger Boyes, diplomatic editor for The Times said: “When you think of him, if you think of him as being a great strategic mastermind, well, you know, think again.”

Speaking on Times Radio, Mr Boyes added: “Basically, he doesn’t think like a chess player, he doesn’t think three moves ahead.”

He continued: “There’s a lot of action reaction, there’s a lot of ducking and weaving, there’s a lot of snatching opportunities when they arise.

“But, on the whole, he’s quite a weak player.”

Mr Boyes, who has extensive experience working as a foreign correspondent, including a period during which he worked from Moscow, suggested Russia would have held a greater advantage in the conflict if President Putin had made a more tactical decision in the timing of the invasion.

He added: “So, the decision to invade Ukraine on February 24th, for example, he could have hung on, he could have hung on for another six months, or done it again next year.”

The diplomatic editor suggested the Russian invasion strategy would have benefited from a greater European reliance on Russia’s energy supplies which could have prevented NATO allies from supporting Ukraine to the extent they now do.

Mr Boyes said: “I mean, you know, all these were options, and then allow the Nord Stream Two gas pipeline to go up and running and to deepen the dependency of Europe on Russia and increase his leverage, but he didn’t do that.”

The Nord Stream Two pipeline, which would deliver gas from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea, was completed towards the end of 2021 but, following Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, has not yet entered service.

Therefore, Putin was not able to gain the geopolitical advantage of increased European reliance on Russian gas supplies prior to his attack on Ukraine.

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Throughout the duration of the Russian attack, there has been strong speculation that the Russian President may be suffering from some serious health concerns.

Analysts have speculated that the health issues of Putin may have resulted in an ill-advised attack on Ukraine in an effort to rush the war before his health began to enter serious decline.

The Kremlin has denied any claims that the Russian leader is suffering from some form of mystery illness as Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told French media TF1: “I don’t think any sane person can discern any sort of symptom of disease in this man.”

Commentators have noted the strangely bloated appearance of Putin and his apparent limp during Russia’s Victory Day parade as further evidence that the President is weakened by some form of serious illness.


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